JASDFW 2022 Nengajo Contest

Thank you to the teachers and students who participated in the JASDFW 2022 Nengajo Contest. For the Year of the Tiger, we received over 140 cards submitted by high schools and universities across the state of Texas.
What are Nengajo?
Nengajo are greeting cards sent during the New Year in Japan. They are commonly exchanged between friends, family, neighbors, and businesses that had good a relationship during the previous year and to express their gratitude in the hopes of preserving good relations in the year ahead.


Over the years, we have received hundreds of nengajo, bringing the joy of this traditional Japanese greeting card to people around the world. Today, we are happy to announce this year’s winners!


Most Artistic

Aiana Bualat (College Park HS)
2022 JASDFW Nengajo Contest Grand Prize

Tara Culvery Gunter
(Coronado HS)

Liliana Marroquin
(University of Houston)

Most Creative

Evan Bucher
(College Park HS)

Annabella Gurley
(College Park HS)

Emma Lieberom
(University of Houston)

Most Humorous

Ivy Nguyen
(Berkner HS)

Terrence Voluntad
(College Park HS)

Zara Lopez

Judge’s Comment

I want to thank students for all your nengajo. I enjoyed seeing attachments and understanding of Japanese culture in each submission. It was not easy to decide the prizes because they were impressive and expressed the sprits of nengajo in various ways. Additionally, this year I found more nengajo using computer graphics that is unique and very 2022! I chose this year’s grand prize because I found the tiger cub is very lively, as if I can feel its soft fur and sweet blue eyes smiling at me, and this contrasts with pink petals, flowers, and a golden paw. It is not just “Kawaii,’ but also felt the inner strength within. Tigers are known for a symbol of fierceness and strength. I hope the year 2022 will be bright and growing for you like the young tiger cub.

Motoko Ishihara Evans


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