Japan America Society of Dallas Fort Worth brings you the series, Summer in Japan!

In these videos, we’ll discover what summertime is like in Japan while finding ways to explore it here in America. Join Sarah and friends to learn about the fun, beautiful, interesting, delicious, and creative experiences that make summertime in Japan what it is!

#1: Food!🍜

Summer has officially arrived! And with the changing of the seasons, comes new seasonal foods. Here in the United States, we enjoy summer foods like barbecue, watermelon, hotdogs, and popsicles. But what is the summertime food in Japan like?

#2: Weather and the Rainy Season ☔

The Weather in Japan isn’t quite the same as Texas. While Texas is super hot and dry, there is a short time in Japan during the summer when rain is expected every day! Along with the rain, the 紫陽花 (hydrangeas) have slowly disappeared. In Japan, hydrangeas are known as the symbol of 梅雨 (the rainy season).

#3: Summer Break 🌞

Come along to learn about some of the favorite summer pastimes of Japanese children. Did you know that summer break in Japan in only 40 days long? That’s less than half of the time we get for summer break in America! 🦗

#4: Fireworks 🎆

Fireworks are actually as popular in Japan as they are in America. Some would argue they are even MORE popular. Did you know that fireworks originated in Asia?

#5: Yukata👘

Let’s learn about summertime FASHION in Japan. Yukata are beautiful, lightweight, and fun to wear to festivals, parties, or after… taking a bath? JASDFW summer intern, Neha, tried out wearing a Yukata for the first time and looked amazing! Have you ever worn a Yukata before?

#6: Kakigori🍧

The BEST treat to cool off during the summer heat in America is a snow cone – and Japan has snow cones too! They’re called kakigori (かき氷) and they’re actually a little better than snow cones… sorry America.