Hello everyone!

My name is Natsuyo Taniyasu and I’m from Hiroshima in Japan. I’m here as a  Cultural Exchange Facilitator as part of the GEN-J Grassroots Exchange Network-Japan program to strengthen networks between local communities and companies. I hope you enjoy my weekly video and learn more about Japan!

If you have any questions or requests for my new video, please email me to natsuyo@jasdfw.org.

#1: Hanami Dango Food Workshop

What is Hanami? What is Hanami Dango? Natsuyo explains all about Hanami and shares her special Hanami Dango recipe! We hope you enjoy the video and try making your own Hanami Dango!

#2: Japanese Daily Life – Tips on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus

We found it pretty interesting that some Japanese manners and customs may be preventing the spread of coronavirus. Do not miss out “How to make DIY face mask” at the end of the video 👍

#3: Need entertainment? Traditional Japanese games

What do you do while you are staying at home? How do you stay entertained? Natsuyo introduces you three traditional Japanese games that you can easily play by yourself or with family from the comfort of your home.

Materials to download:
Ton-ton Sumo: https://jasdfw.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Ton-Ton-Sumo.pdf
Fukuwarai: https://jasdfw.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Fukuwarai-Natsuyo.pdf

#4: Japanese School Life

April is a special month for many Japanese. Did you know the school year starts in April in Japan? Do you know how school life in Japan is different than in the U.S.? Learn more this week with a video from Natsuyo. Don’t forget to take an interesting Kanji quiz at the end!

#5: The power of Flower: Ikebana Traditional Japanese Flower Arrangement

How do you maintain good mental health while staying at home? Did you know that flowers have the power to make people happy? Natsuyo will introduce the Japanese art of flower arrangement, IKEBANA, with her friend, Motoko Ishihara Evans, the Japanese Cultural Consultant at Motoko Japan LLC

#6: Golden Week & Children’s Day

May is the month of Golden Week in Japan. Natsuyo explains the week’s holidays, which include Children’s Day on May 5, in this video. Let’s make some paper Kabuto and celebrate Children’s Day together! You can post a picture of your Kabuto on social media and tag us @JASDFW 🎏

#7 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – Celebrating Japanese culture in the U.S.

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, this week Natsuyo will talk about Japanese American history, one of the best-known Japanese dishes, Sushi, and the longest-running Japanese restaurant in the DFW area, Mr. Sushi! Don’t forget take the quiz! Can you guess what type of fish is used by looking at the pictures?

#8 Starting Soon? Baseball

Many sports fans have been waiting for games to return. It’s not just in the U.S., most of the countries around the world are going through the same thing. But have you heard that MLB Spring Training may start again in June? Although we are not going back to the stadium just yet, let’s talk about sports today and learn about Japanese baseball.

#9 Japanese Business Etiquette in the Office

Businesses are slowly re-opening and some of you may have returned to the office. Let’s find out some unique business etiquette guidelines you see in a typical Japanese setting, and learn a couple of very important phrases you can use at the end of the day!

#10 Japanese Business Etiquette with Clients

Part 2 of Japanese Business Etiquette series – do you know where you should sit when you are in a business meeting? Do you know how to exchange your business card properly? What do you do during a business dinner? This week’s video explains all about manners with your clients.

#11 Stay healthy! RadioTaiso

Have you heard of “Radio Taiso”? Taiso means exercise in Japanese and “Radio Taiso” is a very popular Japanese radio calisthenics program. We would like to explain the history and benefits before the Texas Radio Taiso Challenge on Saturday, June 13 at 9:00am (CDT).

#12 Summer in Japan – the last episode of the series! 

Summer is just around the corner and Japan is currently in the middle of its rainy season. Do you know what the rainy season is called in Japanese? Do you know what a Japanese summer is like? Yes, it is hot and humid….but endless fun! This is the last video of Natsuyo’s Japanese culture series. Natsuyo hopes to see you in Japan one day soon!